July Gallery Artist: Toby Harbanuk

About the art, from Toby…

Photography Infused Furniture is a project that will be an exhibit of Alaska from above, below, and up close, using cutting edge glass, and ceramic printing as furniture surfaces. It will present scenes of Alaska’s land, water, and people from the air to tell a visual story of our state. My approach will include traditional digital photography, as well as cutting edge capture techniques that I experiment with in my second book, Aeriel Photos of Southeast Alaska, including HDR, stitched aerial panoramas, stereographic, and macro photos.

High Dynamic Range photography is the capture of multiple exposures with the same composition as layers and combining them to show a wider range of features using all or more light than is available to one level of exposure

Most camera technology is less sensitive than the human eye, making night-time photography function of keeping a camera stationary and exposing a piece of film or sensor for an extended period of time. This normally limits night-time aerial photography positions to tops of mountains or human structures, and makes shooting at night from aircraft challenging because they cannot stay perfectly still.

Stitched aerial panoramas are captures by having an aircraft pivot or fly in a circle so that the photographer sweeps his or her lens across a scene capturing more than one frame that is later combined into a wide seamless image, similar to how panoramic film cameras operate.

Stereographic digital photography is shooting overlapping frames not just in a panoramic circle, but also vertically so that the scene is captures in every direction. The resulting image is then combined using the same tools as panorama stitching, but the final printed composition is landscape that is round like a planet and seems to float in an endless sky.

Macro photography is taking photos from a relatively short distance to capture the beauty and detail of small objects or small parts of large object.

Images feature in this exhibit will be printed on exotic and durable materials such as ceramics and embedded in both hardwoods and local lumber. My construction methodology will be structurally sound for load-bearing furniture like tables and stools. Photo-furniture is a new way for me to grow at creating functional art work.

Toby Harbanuk, 604 4th St, Juneau AK 99801, http://www.AlaskaImagery.com

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